Our Story

From Passion to Purpose: A Bodycare Journey Begins
In 2020, I embarked on a journey to learn everything from scratch, driven by a strong desire to create a bodycare brand. With sensitive body skin and skin concerns, I made the resolute decision to pursue this path. It all started with researching cosmetic ingredients, avidly listening to industry podcasts, and reading a variety of bodycare articles. Additionally, my friend with a related background in this field played a pivotal role in helping me delve into my quest of creating a transformative bodycare brand.

From Loss to Legacy: DeeMee’S Begins
In 2021, my father’s passing brought a pause to my journey. This loss marked a defining moment, fueling my determination to honor the enduring principles and values of my family. It was during this period that the name ‘DeeMee’S’ was coined, symbolizing the harmonious blend of my father and mother’s names and embodying my family’s enduring legacy, as well as the commitment to delivering bodycare products inspired by these timeless values.

From Realization to Action: DeeMee’S Active Bodycare
Through interactions with others, it became apparent that body skin concerns are a common issue, often associated with feelings of body shame. This realization inspired DeeMee’S with a mission to create an ‘Active Bodycare’ brand, guided by the principles of facial skincare but tailored to the body. Our goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable in the skin you’re already in, avoiding the chase for an elusive idea of perfection. Above all, DeeMee’S isn’t just a name; it signifies a deep commitment to integrating our brand values into everything we do, ensuring that you receive high-quality bodycare.

Roshni Sanklecha
Founder, DeeMee’S

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